Mystique Sandals

by Romain Dubus

Stay looking sharp with Mystique Sandals all summer long.


by Romain Dubus

Now Available in store and online, messages us for details on sizing and how to order.

Santa Monica Native

by Romain Dubus

Ariel Gordon,

A Santa Monica native who started a jewelry line in her apartment back in 2009, today she is all over the fashion world.  With an eye for delicate details, Ariel design her collection to be subtle and chic, lived in and layered.  Designed to keep your jewelry collection growing with every piece you buy, each piece is highly personal and designed to be worn together and collected over time.  AGJ uses diamonds and semi-precious stones that are paired with 14k gold and sterling silver.  This makes a mix of modern, versatile pieces with a hint of luxury and tomboy restraint.

We are proud to bring a few off these timeless pieces to Larmoire Des Reves.